Jip Vastenburg

DOB: 21/03/1994
Main events: Cross Country, Track (5km and 10km), Road
PB’s: 3000m: 8:49.50 (15′) 5,000m: 15:15.77 (18′) 10,000m: 31:35.48 (’15) HM: 71:11 (17′)

Twitter: @JipVastenburg
Instagram: @JipVastenburg




Jonny Mellor
DOB: 27/12-86
Main events: Track (5km/10km) and Road
PB’s: 1500m: 3.41. 3000m: 7.46. 5000m: 13.31. 10,000m: 28.42. HM: 62.23. Marathon: 2.12.57

Instagram: @j77nyy


Andrew Heyes
DOB: 22/6-90
Main event’s: Track (5km), Road and Cross Country
PB’s: 1500m: 3.41. 3000m: 7.51. 5000m: 13.46

Twitter: @andrewrheyes
Instagram: @andrewrheyes



Adam Craig
DOB: 09/05/1995
Main event: Track (5km/10km), Road and Cross Country
PB’s: 3000m: 7.57.66 5,000m: 13.58.52 10km: 29.08

Twitter: @AdamCraig95
Instagram: @adamcraig95


Elinor Kirk
DOB: 26/4-89
Main events: Track (5km/10km) and Road
PB’s: 3000m: 9.00.59. 5000m:  15.37.69. 10,000m: 32.17.05

Twitter: @eli_kirky
Instagram: @elinorkirk




Anna Silvander
DOB: 22/6-93
Main event: Track (800m)
PB: 400m: 54.81. 800m: 2.02.53. 1500m: 4.11.01
Favorite quote: If you want to go big, stop thinking small.
Special skill: I make some really good Swedish meatballs with mash.

Twitter: @anna_silvander
Instagram: @annasilvander



Ciara Mageean
DOB: 12/03/1992
Main event: Track (1500)
PB: 800: 2.00.79. 1500: 4.01.46. 3000: 8.55.09. (indoor)
Favorite quote: Do it with passion or not at all.
Special skill: Inept ability to reply to messages.

Twitter: @ciaramageean
Instagram: @c.mageean



Steve Vernon
Coach and former British international athlete in cross country and mountain running.
Favorite quote: Work hard in silence, let your success make all the noise.

Twitter: @stevevernon29
Instagram: @stevevernonrun