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Blog #33: 2017 according to Ben Connor!

January Not a good start! Ran Edinburgh XC with a serious case of Man-Flu. Big mistake. Won the Northern Cross Country in a mud bath. Proud moment in the Derby AC vest. February A win and a PB at the... Continue Reading →

Blog #32: From Sweden to Stockport. My thoughts on life in England so far!

Growing up in Sweden I had a pretty clear picture of what I associated with UK as a country. In fact, during our English lessons we were taught not only the language, but also a little bit about the culture... Continue Reading →

Blog #31: New Balance Running Summit 2017

Now into its third year, the Team New Balance Running Summit 2017 ventured across the border to North Wales and the beautiful location of Snowdonia National Park. The summit is a perfect chance for New Balance athletes from all over... Continue Reading →

Blog # 30: Welcome to the Team Anna Silvander!

We are all super excited to welcome Anna Silvander to the Team! Anna is an 800m runner from Sweden with a 2:02.53 personal best, and is a 3 x National champion and 2 x National Indoor champion. We asked Anna some... Continue Reading →

Blog # 29: The ‘art and science’ of Marathon Fueling

For this weeks blog, we thought we would talk a little about marathon fueling. There is a danger when running the marathon of "hitting the wall" which is probably a term you're all familiar with. In technical terms, it refers... Continue Reading →

Blog 28: Jonny Mellor and his platelets…or lack of!

Every athlete has their own individual story, with different struggles and triumphs along the way. More often than not these struggles are running related injuries and illnesses, but not always! Jonny, like the majority of runners, has had his fair... Continue Reading →

Blog #27: Recovery

As athletes we are always reminded that recovery is just as important as the training itself. In order to adapt to the hard sessions that we do day-in and day-out, we must allow our bodies to recover. It is an... Continue Reading →

Blog #26: Q & A with Ben Connor

Ben, our newest team member joined us in March of this year and has been in scintillating form on both the roads and track, this followed a great winter over the cross country culminating in victory at the English National... Continue Reading →

Blog #25: Dealing with injuries!

Injuries are unfortunately part of the deal when you sign up to a life of running. Despite doing everything within our control to avoid them, it is hard/almost impossible to be completely immune to them. The challenge is not only... Continue Reading →

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