We often get asked what trainers/shoes/sneakers we wear both to train and race in so we thought it would make an interesting choice of topic for our next blog! 

Before we get started it’s always worth remembering that running shoes are very individualised and what might suit one runner might be different for the next. Everyone’s feet and running style are different so we’d always recommend heading to your local specialist running store to check your gait and be fitted for your next pair of running trainers.

By getting your trainers professionally fitted you can help reduce the potential risk of injury, assist your overall running performance and improve the comfort of your run. The right shoe also depends on the speed you run, the surfaces you run on and your individual biomechanics.

Our team are all neutral runners. What we mean by this is when we run our feet strike the ground, they do so in an effective, efficient manner and we neither over-pronate or supinate.

Like the majority of the team European 1500m Bronze medalist Ciara Mageean chooses the New Balance 880 for her day to day mileage trainer. 

Women’s 880 v10

“The 880 is a really reliable shoe, with a stable sole that helps me get through my miles without picking up niggles”.

“I’m really excited that the new v10 will have a fresh foam sole making my run even more comfortable”.

Ciara can often be found running her easy/recovery mileage up and down the local canals and local dis-used railway ‘The Middlewood Way’ in a pair of NB 880. For faster tempo based sessions Ciara prefers a lighter more responsive FuelCell Rebel. 

Our 10km/Half Marathon specialist Ross Millington also wears the New Balance 880, this slightly firmer shoe is perfect for teaming up with his orthotics. “I have worn orthotics since 2004 due to navicular bone injuries. I visited the RS Lab in Belgium in 2015 and they recommended the NB 880 as the best shoe to accompany my orthotic. They really are a great platform for my orthotic, whilst still providing comfort and cushioning”

If Ross is training on the track he prefers the New Balance 1400. This lightweight racer is perfect for distances of 5k right the way up to the marathon and is ideal for running long intervals on the track, trail, or road when you want to feel fast! 

Fresh off the back of her 2:33 debut marathon Jip Vastenburg prefers to do her daily running in the New Balance 1080 with teammate and 28:32 10km runner Adam Craig also a fan of the premium cushioned trainer. 

Men’s 1080 v10

Marathon man Jonny Mellor ran his personal best of 2:10:03 in Seville earlier this year and was wearing the new FuelCell RC Elite. The carbon-fibre plated shoe was also worn by Welsh International Eli Kirk in Valencia last year to clock a PB of 2:34 and Adam Craig when he clocked his 28:32 at the Telford 10k. 

Jonny said “I am a big fan of the new FuelCell RC Elite, they offer all the cushioning you need for the marathon when your legs get tired in the last 10k with the carbon plate offering enough stiffness for extra propulsion. 

“It really is a shoe I can stand on the line next to my competitors in that I am confident I can compete in.

“I prefer to save my FuelCell RC Elite for race day and tend to run my marathon specific sessions in the FuelCell Rebel.”

Women’s FuelCell Rebel

On the track Swiss International Jonas Raess wears the New Balance LD5000 including for his recent 3,000m personal best of 7:45.67 indoors. 

“I love the LD5000 because the shoe combines a socks-like fit with a structure for speed and stability”. 

Anna Silvander along with Ciara and Eli prefer the slightly more aggressive MD800 when racing on the track. 

Anna said “I like the MD800 because when I wear it I know it’s race-time. We usually don’t do a lot of training in our spikes so I always feel super fast when I put my spikes on”.

We only tend to wear spikes for really fast track session’s or on race day (or if we’re doing a grass session during cross country season) however we use spikes for pre-race strides to get one more confidence boost of feeling light and fast and also get used to the feel and fit of the spikes if they are new. 

Full List of Team Members and Trainer Preference

  • Adam Craig – 1080, LD5000, Fuelcell RC Elite
  • Anna Silvander – 880, MD800, 1400
  • Ciara Mageean – 880, MD800
  • Eli Kirk – 880, MD800, Fuelcell RC Elite
  • Jip Vastenburg – 1080, Fuelcell TC
  • Jonas Raess – 880, LD500
  • Jonny Mellor – 880, Fuelcell RC Elite
  • Ross Millington – 880, 1400
  • Coach: Steve Vernon – 880