Age:  24
Home Town: Lauder, Scotland
Nationality: Scottish
Club: Inverclyde AC
Events: 5000m/10000m

What shoe do you currently wear for:
– Mileage: NB 880
– Tempo: NB 1400
– Spike: NB LD5000


How did you become a runner?
I became a runner after years of playing lots of different sports and deciding that running was the sport I was best at and gained the most self fulfilment from.

Where is your favourite place to run?
So this may be a bit early to call but I have absolutely fallen in love with Font Romeu. Amazing trails, amazing views and just a really nice place to explore.

What is your favourite thing about running?
The thing I love most about running is the sense of achievement I get from working hard for months on end towards a certain race and achieving my goals. This feeling of knowing I’ve done everything I can alongside my coach and teammates to reach my goals and although it was my performance, there is still a sense of team satisfaction from it.

If you weren’t a runner, what would you do?
I would of liked to be a downhill skier. From a very young age I was lucky enough to be able to go skiing in the french alps and I absolutely love that adrenaline rush of flying down the mountains!

Who was your childhood hero?
Lance Armstrong, I was so amazed at his achievements and the thought of the human body being so finely tuned to do what he did. When he was caught for using drugs I was heart broken to be honest, but I still believe the human body has incredible limits.

Favourite film?
Stepbrothers. Definitely the most quotable movie I know and always makes me laugh!

Favourite food?
A really good Steak Pie with a puff pastry crust, mashed tatties with extra gravy and peas. And sticky toffee pudding for dessert. Each compliments the other!

Best race moment so far?
Winning my first Scottish XC title earlier this year. A really proud moment for me for sure!


What do you like to do when you’re not running?
I like to sleep and eat. Keep things simple! Food makes me very happy so trying new things or new restaurants is always on the agenda, and then I get sleepy so naps are essential.

Have you tried any other sports?
When I was younger I played lots of different sports like volleyball, basketball, football, rugby, golf, tennis, skiing and so on! I have a lot of love for many sports!

Any words of wisdom/favorite quote?
‘Win or Learn’ some wise words from Conor McGregor. Although he is a controversial character, I have a lot of time for his determination and commitment to reach the top. He said you either win (achieve your goals) or you learn (not quite achieving your goals but learn what went right/wrong so next time you can win). You never lose.

Goals for 2019?
Run fast.