For Global Running Day we thought we would share some of the team’s favourite training sessions…

Andy Heyes

Moneghetti Fartlek – 2x90secs, 4x60secs, 4x30secs, 4x15secs off an equal ‘float’ recovery

‘A session that seems to fit into any part of the season. We tend to use it the week of a race or with an additional threshold run of 2 – 3 miles bolted on after during a training block. It only takes 20mins but is 20mins of hard running! You can’t push too hard too early otherwise those 30 seconds will hurt. It’s also important to settle into a good rhythm quickly and keep the float recoveries honest especially in the first few seconds after each rep. And don’t forgot the final 15second float….its still part of the session’


Anna Silvander

‘My favourite session is something speedy on the track. 4×300,3×300,2×300,1×300 getting faster and faster with 1min recovery and 3min jog recovery in between sets. I really like it because it makes you work hard but you’re still running a fast pace. I also know that track season is around the corner when these type of sessions shows up on the training program’.

Jonny Mellor

‘My favourite session is alternating km reps within a marathon build up. I run one km slightly faster than goal race pace (close to anaerobic threshold speed) and one slightly slower than marathon pace to recover e.g. 3:00/3:20.  The session is ran as a continuous run for around 20km. I really enjoy the changes of pace, which help to simulate surges within a race and also help develop my lactate threshold and fuel utilisation’.

Ciara Mageean

‘My favourite sessions are when I get to do fast 200 or 300 reps on the track. Putting my spikes on and doing speed work usually means its race season and these sessions just get me excited. I love running fast, especially all out. Means I’m ready to let rip!’


Eli Kirk

‘love sessions with a combination of longer and shorter reps. So something like 4 x mile getting progressively faster followed by 4 x 400m. I love the miles as it really gets the breathing going and you can get into a good rhythm. The 400’s at the end just take care of themselves and it always feels good to finish off with some faster reps on tired legs!’

Ross Millington

‘My favourite session is any one of either 6 x mile, 10 x 1km or 8 x 1200m. These are bread and butter sessions that don’t lie and can be used any time of year to gear up for track racing over 5km/10km, road racing and even cross country. They can also be manipulated and performed without the need for a track, for example 6 x 5mins or 10 x 3mins on grass or trail’

Ben Connor

‘My favourite session would be a progressive long run between 16-20 miles because I just love ticking off the miles. A flat open trail ahead of me, tipping along at a steady pace feeling the grind. That’s what running is about for me!’

long run