Entering 2018 we have the pleasure to announce that we’ve teamed up with Leeds based sports nutrition company OTE.

OTE have their heritage in pro cycling and their products are used by professional cycling teams such as Lotto Jumbo and Team Cannondale. We’re very excited to be their first sponsored professional running team. Their naturally flavoured energy products and recovery drinks have been developed by experienced sports nutritionists and athletes and are designed to be kind on the stomach with their pH neutral gels and drinks. Their belief is that…


As athletes we care about what goes into our bodies and expect it to deliver. The OTE sports nutrition products are free from artificial sweeteners and colours, and have been developed to help hydrate, fuel, perform or recover, and they taste great too! All their products are produced using some of the highest quality ingredients which makes their range even more appealing. OTE also have ingredient and manufacturing controls in place and are confident that there is no risk of any OTE Sports product being contaminated with a WADA banned ingredient or substance. All Products are batched coded and have full ingredient traceability. Retained samples are kept throughout the product’s shelf life and their manufacturing facilities are Informed Sport accredited. This is extremely important to us as a team to ensure no OTE Sports product has been contaminated with a WADA banned ingredient or substance.

With everyone on the team competing in varying events from 800m to marathon and pretty much every distance in between , it would be easy to assume that our nutritional requirements vary significantly. Whilst there are slight differences, in general, we all have the same basic requirements, with the two key ones being hydration, followed by protein and carbohydrates for recovery. It’s easy to over complicate things, especially when you realise that the East Africans, some of the best runners in the world don’t always have access to the sports nutrition that we have, and often just rely on good old milk for both their hydration- and recovery needs along with a countless cups of their incredibly sugary and milky Chai Tea! However, there is no doubt, and definitely no lack of scientific research to show that the use of sports nutrition products can help in optimizing our recovery and performance.


Along with coffee (or tea for Ciara and Jonny…we’ll convert them to coffee one day!), one of the first things most of us do when we wake up is drink 500-750mls of water with an OTE Hydro Tab. Hydrating in the morning has been drummed into us and is nowadays a morning ritual along with coffee. I think most of us would agree that if there’s ever a morning that we’ve forgotten to hydrate, we can often feel pretty terrible on the run, because after all,  we have essentially been dehydrating our bodies all night and then, dehydrating our bodies even more during the run. On average, we lose about one litre of fluid per hour of exercise. Extreme heat and humidity can raise that amount to three litres in one hour, and a 2% loss in body weight due to dehydration can lead to a 20% drop into performance, so when you factor in a 8-10 mile run in the morning after not hydrating all night, it can often be a recipe for a fairly horrendous feeling morning run. The benefit of adding the Hydro Tabs to our water is that it allows our bodies to absorb around 3 times more water than if we just had water on its own. The Hydro Tabs are all naturally flavoured unlike many other on the market, low in calories and contain the important electrolytes sodium, potassium and magnesium and are perfect for pre or post exercise hydration.

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Recovery after a session is equally as important as hydration. During hard sessions and long runs we’re depleting our muscles of their glycogen stores and breaking down muscle protein, so the sooner we can replace that glycogen and get protein into our bodies to help kick start recovery, the better. The OTE Protein Recovery Drink has been designed to help repair and rebuild muscles, and speed up recovery to exercise. Ideally consumed within 30 minutes of finishing exercise, the drink provides 25g of essential proteins needed to support recovery but also supplies carbohydrates to help the re-fuelling process without over loading the body with excess calories. With added electrolytes to aid rehydration, and vitamins to boost the immune system, the drink really does tick all the boxes when it comes to optimising recovery. One sachet easily mixes with 300ml of water; there is no need for milk. The chocolate flavour tastes really great too, and is a nice post session treat!

The Hydro Tabs and Whey Protein Recovery Drink are just two of the great products in the OTE range. We’re also huge fans of the Anytime Bars, the Cocoa Nibs flavour in particular. They’re great for an afternoon snack! Although we’re yet to try them, we’ve heard some great things about the gluten free DuoBars too!


Head to their website to have a look at their great range of quality products.


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We’re all very excited here at Team New Balance Manchester for our OTE fuelled year and can’t thank them enough for their support so far!! In the picture below you can see the first delivery of a monthly supply for the team….